Flying Fuck RC Helicopter

Flying Fuck RC Helicopter

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Product Description


Our NEW Flying F*CK Helicopters are literally flying off the f*cking shelves!


Now, for the first time in human history, you can actually really give a Flying F*CK.

This is our hottest selling funny gift of all time. The Flying F*CK RC Helicopter is a fully remote controlled flying word that truly says what you feel. Keep the Flying F*CK RC Helicopter on your desk at work or home and launch it into the air to astound and impress your colleagues or loved ones. Buy the Flying F*CK helicopter just for the flying fuck of it.

Funniest Gift Ever For Friends, Co-Workers and Family!

Sometimes in life, things just have to be taken literally. So now you can clearly communicate to anyone whether you do, or don’t, give a Flying F*CK . This groundbreaking airborne obscenity makes the perfect gift. If your loved one is feeling neglected or you really want to impress your boss, then go ahead and prove to them that you really do give a Flying F*CK with the Flying F*CK RC Helicopter.

F*CK IT, Buy a Flying F*CK for your loved ones today!

  • Controller requires 6xAA batteries.
  • Two-Channel Infra-Red Remote Control Helicopter.
  • Trim for extra stability to hover or move left and right.
  • Power levels over nine thousand.
  • 7 minute fly time per charge - 10 minutes to charge
  • Flying F*CK recharges via controller.

Note: We are the sole, world-wide manufacturer and distributor of the Flying F*CK RC Helicopter. If you’re looking to purchase the Flying F*CK, contact us today!